California buckeye (Aesculus californica) recalls the foothills, valley margins, oak savannah and forest, and chaparral openings. It is not as massive or showy as some of the aforementioned trees, nor do you find many parks devoted specifically to its splendor, yet it is much loved. It is a true California endemic, not occurring elsewhere in the world, with the exception of some oregon areas! A tree of subtle elegance and evocative presence, it is lovely alone but is usually found in drifts or thickets filling winter-cool swales or rippling across rolling hillsides and bursting out of deep and craggy canyons.


Having the opportunity to locally log and source all of our own buckeye burl, getting it straight from Mother Earth’s soil and passing it to the hands of our customers is something we take a great amount of pride in. We cherish Mother Earth, trees and buckeye burl and love providing our customers with authentic, organic and the most premium buckeye burl around!
Our buckeye burl is used for furniture, guitars, duck calls, gourmet knives, hunting knives and so much more!

Please call (559)310-1291 or email: witthardwood@ocsnet.net
to discuss custom orders or purchase burls, blocks and slabs!