Witt Hardwoods
The finest gunstocks, burls, slabs, and wood around!


Passion. Experience. Diligence.


Established in 1992 by Cliff and Lori Witt, Witt Hardwoods is the definition of a family-owned and operated business with Cliff being the core of the business and Amy, Lori, and Zeb, also the back bone of Witt Hardwoods. Specializing in hardwoods, specifically English Walnut, burl wood, California Buckeye Burl, and lumber, Witt Hardwoods strives to be the best badass hardwood business in the wood industry.

Once we start a job, whether it be pushing a walnut grove for burls and logs, logging buckeye, or even cutting slabs, our number one concern is the environment. We love nature, therefore it is important to us that every step of the process, every tree, every cut is done correctly and conservative. We are not rapacious or wasteful. We use every inch of the by-products of our wood.

We are a family of unique characteristics, personalities and talents. We love to share our wood journey and uniqueness of our business with anyone.  Our wood represents the dreamers, the doers, the entrepreneurs, the money makers, story tellers and lovers of life. 


You may recognize us from Season 2 of Filthy Riches on National Geographic. We were so honored when asked in 2014 to film a season that aired on National Geographic in April 2015. Our film crew was beyond amazing and became apart of the family; we still stay in communication with them to this day. Being able to share with the world our magical wood journey was beyond humbling and an amazing experience for our family. We will continue to share with the world the beauty of wood and the uniqueness of our family business.