Established in 1992 by Cliff and Lori Witt, Witt Hardwoods is a family-owned and operated business with Cliff Witt being the core of the business. Lori, Amy, Wyatt and Zeb are also the back bone of Witt Hardwoods. Specializing in hardwoods, specifically English Walnut gunstocks, burl wood, California Buckeye Burl, guitar blanks, slabs, knives, duck calls, pistol grips, Witt Hardwoods strives to be the best badass hardwood business in the wood industry. Witt Hardwoods is the definition of a family owned and operated business. Outside of Zeb’s friends, typically no outside help is hired. 

Once we start a job, whether it be pushing a walnut grove for burls and logs, logging buckeye, or even cutting slabs, our number one concern is the environment. We love nature, therefore it is important to us that every step of the process, every tree, every cut is done correctly and conservative. We are not rapacious or wasteful. We use every inch of the bi-products of our wood.

Not fond of chemicals, altering nature or harsh glues and substances, we take pride in delivering wood that is in it's natural beautiful stage.  No kiln or technology is used to speed the drying time. Everything is naturally dried. Of course, if you want psychedelic colorful fun buckeye wood, we outsource the impregnation process.  

We are a family of unique characteristics, personalities and talents. We love to share our wood journey and uniqueness of our business with anyone.  Our wood represents the dreamers, the doers, the entrepreneurs, the money makers, story tellers and lovers of life. 


An avid hunter and fisher, gourmet chef and vegetable gardener, Cliff possesses a personality and talents that you can't ignore. Cliff's experience and expertise come from working in the wood industry 25+ years. With an eye for detail and an ability to view a log and determine the quality, color, and figure are skills he possess and carries on to his customers. 

"From the tree to you, never leaving my hands." Cliff Witt


Working along side of Cliff, she is the backbone and glue of the business.  Together, the two create magical work. With a heart of gold and smile that will stop you in your tracks, Lori loves traveling and dining at five star restaurants. If you know Lori darling, you know the most important thing in her life is family.  


The oldest of the three children, Amy is the fashionista, author, poet, creator, and glitter of the business. A turquoise collector, lover of animals, entrepreneur and cowgirl, Amy loves to create magic and appreciates storytelling. She runs the slabbing sawmill as well as the @witthardwoods Instagram account along with designing and managing the website. Visit her website at www.caliidreamin.com. 

Wyatt Witt

Wyatt is our Airman. Currently, he is serving our country in Kansas at the McConnell Air Force base. Married to Madi, the couple live in Pretty Prairie, Kansas. A fishing fool, hunter, athlete and the most kind-hearted man.

zeb witt


The youngest in the family, Zeb works seasonally for the United States Forest Service, as a hotshot with the Fulton crew. On the off season, he helps on the mobile dimension sawmill. He has a humor unlike any other, a fishing machine, hunter, lover of animals, vintage vehicle fanatic, Zeb is quite the kid!